Asha Ozbey represents the interest of the luxury markets with the International Polo Team and its sponsors & partners.  

Asha is headquartered in Europe the majority of the time and on occasion in the United States Florida polo season.

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Bentley, our beloved Doberman Pinscher  is our team mascot - sponsors or players that don't pay their dues/bills will be introduced to Bentley, our rescue Doberman from Palm Beach County ;) 


Tareq Salahi

(pictured here with then Prince Charles, now King Charles after playing a polo match against each other - USA vs. England Tie match 1-1 in 2006)

Founder & Chairman of the Board of Hotels at Sea, and the International Polo Tour  and one of the founding members of Great Meadow Polo & creator of SunSet Polo.  Tareq has been a huge advocate for the sport opening it to new audiences globally.   Tareq has also won numerous USPA National Championships & multiple world cups.  He is an award-winning entrepreneur, travel/tourism marketing expert, IPT Captain of the IPT USA Polo Team, winery owner and well known television personality.  Tareq resides in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Lisa is an Executive Member of the International Polo Tour, Hotels at Sea, Delray Beach Polo Club & 'We Will Survive Cancer'.   

Her strategic planning and program development expertise is coupled with practical management know-how having previously worked in planning, marketing, operations and business development for a cross-section of service organizations.  She has many years of hands-on experience in hospitality having chaired numerous major fundraisers and galas.

Asha De Andrea. is a professional equestrian and you will see her at our major polo events where we hosts our guests and she looks forward to welcoming you.  Asha also represents the interest of the luxury markets with the IPT United States Polo Team and its sponsors & partners and VIP Suite sales.  Asha is headquartered in Florida and travels with the team and is onboard Hotels at Sea ships when we host our VIP suite guests onboard for special events

Meet your Hospitality "suite" team in Capitol Region, USA.   Kaya, Hong-Vu, Asha 2, Haley, Casey and others look forward to welcoming you in our VIP Box seats on Saturday nights for SunSet Polo under the lights from 6pm in our catered box seats

Pictured above from left to right is Kaya & Hong-Vu

(Open by invitation to existing & new Suite guests of Hotels at Sea)

Marcos (Marquitos) Bignoli & Tolito OCampo are regular teammates for the Polo Tour.

Marcos Arena Handicap is 6 goals in arena

Tolito OCampo handicap is 8 goals in arena

(and destined for 10 goals in the near term

International Polo Tour®

& our annual Sunset Polo™ Events