His Royal Highness, The Prince of Whales
( His retirement International Polo Tour match against the USA)

"...appreciated your coming all the way to play in my Charity Polo match.. and for making such a generous donation."



Ambassador of Australia

" These IPT games celebrate the importance of the billateral relationship the United States & Australia share." 


International Polo Tour

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International Polo Tour ABOUT US

The International Polo Tour supports polo clubs, events & organizations worldwide.  The IPT Team provides further advocacy of the game with travels throughout the United States and globally celebrating the bilateral relationship between the United States and its foreign partners while representing corporate interests in each state or country and those company’s that have interests in various locations the games are held. 

The International Polo Tour is proud to bring the love of the game to a wider audience, and bring international cultures together in a celebration of both their common bonds and their diversity. From Snow Polo to Beach Polo to Elephant Polo, we support International polo worldwide. 

This is a game that is rich with tradition in various markets globally that reaches far beyond the field. To fully capture the spirit of America and International challengers , the imagination and enthusiasm of their people, this cooperative effort combines Government relations, to upscale consumer goods to Tourism Initiatives and offers and serves as a Economic Development engine for the United States and our International Partners.

This special global program includes national and international festivities that showcase elements dear to both nations, including travel opportunities, tourism, lifestyles, community & International good will, sportsmanship, music, beverages & cuisine from the challenging country and honors the patriotic enthusiasm celebrating adventure & freedom.

IPT Polo festivities is a unique opportunity for your company to fly the flag for America and/or the International challenger and enjoy the worldwide prestige that polo attracts. Throughout the near term ahead, the United States will resound with celebrations that mark the International Polo Tour! We are very proud to have developed these global experiences that brings countries, communities and individuals together. We invite you and your business to be part of making a difference and part of a unique environment.